Dog Fancy

Top Dog

December 2008 issue—Maggie-May


A petite little dog who spent her early years unloved and abandoned in a garage is now a life-saving hero. When Betty Skaret of Seattle, Wash., fell into a depression after the loss of her last Cocker Spaniel nearly four years ago, her daughter, Pam Skaret-Yocum, knew she had to help. She sought out another dog, falling in love with five-year-old Maggie-May at Second Chance Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Santa Barbara, Calif.


After transport to Washington in July 2005, Maggie-May wasn't too sure how to handle herself in the environment of a loving home. But quickly, Skaret, who is now in her late 80s, made sure Maggie-May felt comfortable. That first night, she held the blonde Cocker in her lap all night, not even sleeping. Immediately, Maggie-May feel in love, and Skaret's depression evaporated.


"My mother was so thrilled when Maggie-May arrived, and they took to one another immediately," says Skaret-Yocum, who lives next door to her mom and visits several times daily.


Today, the two are rarely apart.


"Where Mom goes, there goes Maggie-May," she says.


The duo spend their days quietly—and happily—at home. Maggie-May, now about eight or nine years old, is one of the sweetest dogs the family has ever known. Gone is the depression, replaced by peace and comfort—for both owner and dog.


"I am so grateful that Maggie-May came into our lives, and I am positive that she is also very grateful to have found us too," says Skaret-Yocum. "My mom needed Maggie-May, and Maggie-May needed her."